Advanced Energy


Advanced Energy is a nonprofit energy firm. We work with electric utilities, government and a wide variety of public and private organizations in the residential, commercial and industrial, solar, motors and drives and electric vehicle markets. Our customized services include research, testing, training, consulting and program design.

Advanced Energy’s exhibit will focus on our motor and drive services. Our team of motor and drive system engineers, combined with our internationally accredited test lab, provides a unique set of independent and unbiased services to governments, original equipment manufacturers, motor and drive manufacturers, utilities, distributors and motor service facilities. We are also pleased to offer motor service center auditing for EASA’s Accreditation Program. We recognize the important role EASA and its members play in keeping motor driven systems running with expert service and advice. Our goal is to guide your service center through the Accreditation process with the same expert service and advice you provide your customers. Through our pre-audit guidance we can identify and resolve many potential concerns before traveling to your facility and work with you to help ensure a successful onsite audit. We are committed to making your audit process straightforward and informative.