Pure Air Control Services


Pure Air Controls is committed to excellence in all aspects of Indoor Air Quality.

We endeavor to improve the health, comfort and energy efficiency of our clients’ buildings to the benefits of occupant well-being and the operational bottom line. The company’s fundamental purpose is to provide professional environmental consulting, engineering and evaluation through building diagnostic protocols, laboratory support services and building/HVAC system remediation services.

The company’s three specialized divisions include Building Sciences, Environmental Diagnostics Laboratory, and Building Remediation Sciences. They offer precise building health assessments as well as innovative services for the hygienic cleaning/restoration of HVAC systems and indoor environments.

Since 1984 we have performed our valuable services across over 600 million square feet in more than 10,000 buildings we are the – Indoor Air Quality Experts.

We will be at our discussing the importance of optimal IAQ and Building Performance via the HVAC system. Our three divisions for IAQ Testing (Building Sciences), Analysis (EDLab) and Hygienic HVAC remedial/restoration (Building Remediation Sciences) will be showcased.

See the outcomes of both PURE-Steam HVAC/Coil Cleaning and HVAC New Life Restoration with our hands-on, interactive, live demonstration unit!

Pure Air Control’s IAQ Solutions Specialists will be ready to answer all of your questions about teaming, improving building health, optimizing occupant comfort, and restoring energy efficiency/sustainability with our proprietary HVAC restoration services.

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