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GS Dunham
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G.S. DUNHAM has been, and remains, the area’s leading innovator for steam heating systems, products and services. We are a manufacturer’s representatives for MEPCO (formerly Dunham Bush),VentRite®, the industry pioneers in the design and manufacture of steam and hydronic heating systems, and ELGE® High Efficiency Heat Exchangers.
G.S. DUNHAM combines state-of-the-art products from MEPCO, VentRite®, and ELGE® with expert service and support. As a fully authorized service and sales company, we thoroughly understand the inter-relatedness of engineered steam components. Our specialty is system efficiency and occupant comfort. We bring an electrical and electronic computer background along with over 100 years of experience to your building. Our latest controls offer internet based monitoring and control including all of the old familiar Vari-Vac® functions plus modern apartment temperature monitoring including data history reports.
Please contact our office: 718-886-4232