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Instar ITS is a services and software solutions company for device and industrial energy management. With a data-driven approach and numerous energy algorithms, Instar moves beyond just reading out what energy metrics tell operations managers – it helps them decide on the best cost saving measures as well. 

Instar ITS provides three offers into the market across all vertical industry markets – InstarServices, InstarEnergis and InstarCare. This combination of services-platform-support ensures customers can implement the saving quickly and never be left behind as systems and data evolve.

Instar provides the Energis® software platform, which completely and visually manages energy consumption decision through visualizations and analytics, feeding off many data sources. This is the heart of Instar ITS – using the data, both legacy and new IoT, to better understand and save energy cost, right to the bottom line.

Instar ITS will be showing many detailed aspects of its Energis platform on consumption and energy trends on a deeply visual basis. There will be an explanation of how it works, behind the scenes, for managing the data, to show potential OEM into platform strategies.