Utility Management Services

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Utility Management Services
White Star Energy Leader | Booth 440

Utility Management Services (UMS) offers a risk-free audit and analysis of your electric bills to search for errors and overcharges. If we are not able to recover costs or find savings for your organization, you’ll pay nothing. If we do find savings, we are paid out of the savings we obtained for you—so you can only come out ahead.

Founded in 1998 by a former power company executive who discovered that business customers needed help deciphering complex utility bills and tariffs. As a 15-year industry insider, he knew that power companies are not required to audit their own billing for errors and overcharges—nor do they have any financial incentive to do so.

We have audited over 150,000 electric accounts, for more than 9,000 customers, identifying over $155 million in savings!

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