Energy information – accurate energy usage and cost data — is the foundation of effective energy management. Energy information supports activities such as benchmarking, ENERGY STAR, formulation and prioritization of energy conservation measures and measurement & verification of results. For many buildings, monthly utility bills are an excellent primary source of energy information…but not so for university, industrial and military “campuses” where many buildings are served from owner-operated utility infrastructure. In these situations, owner-operated metering, data acquisition and internal billing systems are necessary to provide building-level energy information. It may seem simple enough (albeit expensive) to install a campus-wide metering system, but it’s never that straightforward. There are many challenges with obtaining and validating readings, additive and subtractive situations for unmetered loads, and most importantly – cost. M&V and project economics can’t be evaluated without cost, yet that can be elusive when meters are served from operator-owned cogeneration plants and central systems with complex costing and chargeback considerations. Drawing on 25 years of experience, over a hundred large campus clients, and national leadership in campus chargeback management, this presentation discusses the challenges, value streams and best practices in energy information management for campus-type organizations.


Steve is the Founder and CEO of EnergyCAP, Inc. He has over 43 years of professional experience in energy accounting software and mechanical and architectural engineering.

Steve received his Master of Science in Architectural Engineering from Pennsylvania State University and his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the U.S. Air Force Academy. He’s a registered professional engineer in Pennsylvania and an AEE Fellow, Certified Energy Manager, and Certified M&V Professional.  Steve was the 2013 AEE International Energy Engineer of the Year award winner.

EnergyCAP and predecessor FASER have been industry-leading software for utility bill management, energy accounting, campus chargebacks, and Option C measurement and verification since the first release in 1982.