This poster will state the economical impact of installing on-grid photovoltaic systems at the commercial and industrial sectors in Jordan between 2012-2019 where Jordan’s economy suffers its almost biggest challenge in its history. It will also discuss the rapid reduction of the system prices impacted by technological development and increase of competition. The case study will show the impact of installing a system for the commercial and industrial sectors in Jordan and its effect of sustaining the business.


A renewable energy engineer with over 6 years of experience in the Jordanian market. Holding a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Jordan and a Renewable Energy Professional (REP™) from the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE).

Eng. Waleed is also an accredited trainer by the ministry of labor and the Jordan Competitiveness Program (JCP) who has provided training for over 900 technicians and engineers in Jordan. He also represents as a Clean-Tech Expert at OASIS500 in order to provide support to entrepreneurs in the sustainability sector.

Eng. Waleed co-founded Ishraq Energy in 2016 and managed to install over 800 photovoltaic systems around MENA region with a total capacity of over 30MW until this day. Ishraq Energy is responsible to reducing the harmful emissions in Jordan to what is equivalent to planting over 400,000 trees. Eng. Waleed also co-founded Ishraq Sustainability Academy to be the first academy in Jordan that is completely specialized in providing trainings in the sustainability sectors. The academy is equipped with labs and workshops that can provide full trainings to over 500 trainees a year and preparing them for market penetration using the practical training and experiences of Ishraq Energy.