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Airxchange’s 35 years of extensive experience in manufacturing energy recovery ventilation products and components has culminated in designs having outstanding performance, reliability, and maintainability. Airxchange energy recovery technology provides a stable, robust product developed from the experience of more than 250,000 installations.

The company developed the only truly segmented polymer wheel in the market and has played a pioneering role in the development of standards and codes for energy recovery ventilation technology, remaining active in their ongoing development. Airxchange advanced technology with a modern structural design and lightweight polymer materials. Improved maintainability, greater reliability and an expanded range of applications are the results of this fresh approach. Today energy recovery ventilation is recognized as a mainstream technology in the HVAC industry, with Airxchange as the leader in the field.

We will be featuring our flagship product, the Energy Recovery Wheels. Airxchange Energy Recovery Wheels improve building HVAC system performance by efficiently preconditioning the outdoor air supply. With 30+ years of experience manufacturing energy recovery ventilation products and components, and an installed base of over 300,000 units, Airxchange has solidified itself as the leader in Energy Recovery Wheel technology. We will also be showcasing our cross-flow Energy Recovery Plates. Airxchange is proud to provide air-to-air heat exchangers to both the residential and commercial market. Airxchange Energy Recovery Plate (ERP) exchangers are manufactured using raw materials designed for optimal heat and moisture exchange within a total energy recovery ventilation device.

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