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DENT Instruments
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DENT Instruments is an industry-leading manufacturer of power meters, submeters, and current transformers, including flexible Rogowski coils. Our metering products are known for innovative design features, ease of use, and high accuracy and are the premier choice in industrial, commercial, and retail applications. Energy professionals rely on our line of PowerScout HD Multi-Channel Submeters to supply timely and accurate energy metering data in a range of applications including data center monitoring, tenant submetering, and accountability metering. In addition, DENT offers a full range of current transformers with options to measure low-amp loads, such as individual lighting circuits, to high-amp building mains. For over 30 years, DENT has built a reputation for providing energy measurement tools of the highest quality whose robust design and value make them the products of choice for energy professionals worldwide.

DENT Instruments will be displaying the full line of their power metering products including the PowerScout HD Series, the ELITEpro XC, the RoCoil (Rogowski coil) and other current sensors.

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