Whether you are a long time visitor to AEE events, new to the industry or a student looking for an opportunity, you can browse the expo hall, request a demo, meet your next vendor or catch-up with your current supplier – all in an open, friendly environment.

EXPO Schedule

Sept 25-26, 2019

  • Wednesday 25th, 10 am – 6 pm
  • Thursday 26th, 9 am – 2:30 pm


Visit the Exhibitor Forum

Attend a brief presentation by one of the exhibiting companies inside the expo hall. These presentations focus on technologies, case studies or new developments that differentiate the exhibitor’s products, services or solutions. If what you see is of value, you can follow up with the exhibitor immediately afterward at their booth.

Featured Exhibitors

Energy Solutions

Products, Services & Technologies

Exhibitors at AEE World consist of companies and organizations that are focused on saving energy for their customers. They may be utilities, energy service companies, equipment manufacturers, or service providers. So, if you are responsible for, or operating in one of these areas, you need to attend AEE World Expo and see what our exhibitors have to offer.

Energy Management

Companies across all sectors are turning to energy management as a means to reduce their operating costs. AEE World Exhibitors can provide systematic ways to manage energy use in building and facilities to satisfy both environmental and economic requirements.

Energy Efficiency 

A wide selection of exhibitors are presenting the latest energy efficient products and technologies. Are you looking to see retrofit solutions that can reduce your energy usage with the same, or improved service levels. 

Smart Facility Operation,  Automation & IoT

AEE World exhibitors provide solutions that can mitigate inefficiencies and identify missed energy saving opportunities, not just in a single building, but now across multiple, connected buildings and facilities.

Energy Services (ESCO)

Commercial and non-profit companies showcase a broad range of energy solutions including designs and implementation of energy savings projects, retrofitting, conservation, infrastructure outsourcing, power generation, energy supply, and risk management.

Building Occupancy & Comfort

Employers realize indoor environmental quality translates into a more satisfied and productive workforce. Are you a facility manager or building owners looking to connect with companies that offer products and services in this category.

Green, Clean & Renewables

Are you taking steps to move your building or facility closer to net-zero? A selection of AEE World exhibitors offer solutions you may be looking for.