From Engaging Triple-net Occupants to Calculating Credible Savings: Why You Should be Utilizing Real Time Metering


All over the country states and municipalities are requiring building efficiency ratings and, in some cases, getting ready to apply carbon cap penalties. Now more than ever, you need to control of your buildings’ utility demand and consumption…all of it. But what do you do about the occupants’ building space you don’t directly control? And once you’ve overcome that hurdle, how do you credibly report on your success? And how about all the hard work that comes in-between? Who does that? We’ll explore the answers to these questions and more with a multidimensional look at Real Time Metering.


Christy Cannon, CEM

Senior Account Executive

Yardi Systems Inc.

Christy Cannon has been a Certified Energy Manager since 2009 with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, a minor in Physics, and two years postgraduate study in Civil Engineering. Her career in energy has spanned over two decades on everything from building databases that model utility tariff rate schedules to onsite ASHREA audits to conducting classes on peak demand management and electric market economics for City Managers, Facility Directors, and Mayors. In her current capacity at Yardi Systems she has joined the dark side, Sales, in an effort to help companies create a realistic utility management strategy on the front end, before operations shows them all the distracting shiny balls. On a more personal note, her parents were hippies, instilling a great appreciation for our fragile planet. They grew a lot of their own food which is how Christy learned about the intelligence of pigs and why guinea fowl make the best watch dogs, among other lessons. If you need a hint on that last one: dogs don’t eat ticks nor do they roast nicely in the oven.