Getting Smart with Smart Meter


Electric meter are changing. Over half are now “smart” (a/k/a interval or digital) meters that measure and provide electricity usage in short (e.g., 15-minute) time intervals, instead of only once a month. Smart facility managers and executives are using that data to find opportunities to cut power costs, find better electric rates, and ensure that efficiency and renewable energy projects will actually save them what their vendors claim.

Through a brief overview of how the metering landscape is changing – and why that’s important – the presentation shows how to secure, manage, and graphically interpret the interval data stream provided by the new meters. Examples are shown using Excel’s 3D graphing techniques. Sources of professional software to analyze and chart interval data are reviewed, and a free source is highlighted.

Charted examples visualize problems in building operations and procedures that resulted in excessive peak demand charges, failures in equipment, and bogus claims of potential dollar savings.


Lindsay Audin, CEM, CEP, LEED AP


Energywiz, Inc.

Lindsay Audin is the president of Energywiz, Inc., a New York-based energy consulting firm. Energywiz has been serving large energy users, other consultants, government agencies, and energy suppliers, both in the U.S. and abroad, since 1996.

Lindsay’s 40+ years in the energy services industry include 8 years as energy manager for Columbia University and 12 years with private engineering and energy consulting firms, prior to opening Energywiz. He holds certifications in energy management and energy procurement, and is a LEED Accredited Professional. Lindsay also teaches courses and seminars on power procurement, load profiling, and tariff analysis through the Association of Energy Engineers and the City University of New York. His book on "Lowering Your Facility's Electric Rates" was published in 2017.

Among his many awards are AEE’s International Energy Manager of the Year (1993), membership in the AEE Energy Manager’s Hall of Fame (1996), and International Professional Development Award (2014). He is also a member of several editorial boards for energy and building-related publications. Over 200 of his columns and articles on energy issues and options in buildings have appeared in publications such as Engineered Systems, High Performing Buildings, Architectural Record, and Building Operating Management.