City of Brampton - Embedding Energy Planning in the 2040 Vision


The City of Brampton is in Toronto's "Golden Horseshoe" region, expected to grow from its current 630,000 population to nearly a million by 2050.  Staring in 2016, Brampton teamed with Sheridan and other community stakeholders to create a breakthrough Community Energy and Emissions Reduction Plan that both meets Canada’s commitments to the Paris Climate Agreement and is a positive economic and social development driver for the city.  The CEERP was unanimously approved by the Council in 2020.

In parallel Brampton has developed an innovative growth plan, “Living the Mosaic - Brampton 2040 Vision” that paints a detailed vision of the City in 2040 with transformed vibrant neighborhoods, green space, transportation systems and employment opportunities.  Throughout the development of the CEERP, the expectations of the 2040 Vision were included to ensure both plans were aligned and supportive of each other.

The presentation will summarize the steps the community will be adopting to systematically embed the CEERP recommendation in all relevant plans at both the City and neighborhood levels.  The City recognizes that a key step to successfully implementing the sweeping energy and climate transformation is ensuring energy is a factor in all city and neighbourhood planning efforts.


Michael Hoy

Senior Environmental Planner

City of Brampton

Michael Hoy is the Supervisor of Environmental Planning for the City of Brampton (Ontario).  In this role he is responsible for leading the Community Energy & Emissions Reduction Plan, Sustainable Development Guidelines, Environmental Impact Review of New Development, Master Planning for Sustainability, Environmental and Sustainability Policy Development, and Sustainable Planning for Existing Communities.

Michael holds an MS Environmental Engineering from York University in Toronto.

Doug Whillans

City Councilor

City of Brampton

As the City Councillor of Wards 2 and 6 in the City of Brampton, Doug Whillans is passionate about preserving the natural environment and protecting it. Doug was actively involved in the development and implementation of Brampton’s Community Energy and Emissions Reduction Plan (CEERP) and represents Brampton as a strong advocate for action at the Global Covenant of Mayors on Climate Change.  He is a committee and executive member on the Partners in Project Green (PPG) at the Greater Toronto Airport Authority and The Toronto Regional Conservation Authority.  This past summer, Doug initiated the first ever backyard garden program to provide food security, emulated by several Municipalities province wide.