Energy Trends Impacting Business


Mankind is finding more and more uses for energy as demand grows, while the energy sector is seeing huge changes and trends that business leaders need to consider. Some of these trends include: renewables and battery price declines, California “Duck Curve”, energy storage, nuclear energy, EVs, renewables impact on prices, solar-to-steam, the U.S. shale oil revolution and investment, methane flaring, and reducing emissions. The key for business leaders is to anticipate, exploit these energy trends to improve their business while remaining good stewards of the environment.



Ron Miller

Director of Energy

Newmont Corporation

Ron Miller is an energy industry expert creating value by analyzing assets, markets, technologies, and power usage to identify, monetize, and implement profitable energy projects. He is a Professional Engineer/MBA/Certified Energy Manager experienced in developing and leading energy projects in the renewable energy, conventional power, and fuels industries. He has led energy project development at ExxonMobil, Xcel Energy, AECOM, and Rio Tinto, and is currently the Director of Energy in Asset Management with Newmont Corporation. Ron holds a BS in Civil Engineering from Virginia Tech and an MBA in Finance from the Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia.