How National Laboratories and Research is Changing the Face of Renewable Energy


Perovskite solar cells and fusion energy, how National Laboratories and research is changing the face of renewable energy. Will the next century will see hydrogen energy storage and fuel cells emerge to realize a truly clean energy future? Is the biomass bridge to hydrogen economy largely over or is there still a bright future for biomass? The Department of Energy’s National Laboratories have tried to steer us to hydrogen economy, but we don’t seem to be anywhere close to their timetable. Are we suddenly closer than we imagined? How will new technologies change your work? Is their still a future for biofuels?


Frederick Petok

Loan and Grant Analyst


Fred Petok is a Business Loan and Grant Analyst with Business Development Division-Public-Private Partnerships Branch, Rural Business-Cooperative Service at USDA. He has extensive experience with energy technology used in the Rural Energy for America Program. He has been actively involved with the Biodiesel Education Grant Program, the Biogas Working Group and is the USDA Program Manager for Biogas projects reviewed through the EPA’s AgStar Program. Fred also works with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory negotiating contacts and managing renewable technology reviews. He has several certifications from the Association of Energy Engineers, including Carbon Reduction Management and is a Certified Energy Manager. He represents Rural Development in the USDA’s Climate Change Office and the Office of Energy and Environmental Policy and is interested in efforts to sequester carbon dioxide, lowering carbon intensity in fuels and renewable fuel incentives.