Developing a Secure Microgrid


The patented Secure Microgrid® (US patent #9,026,260) engineering process creates a road map for upgrading a power distribution system to meet 10USC101(e)(6), a Department of Defense code defining the requirements for energy resilience and energy security. Meeting these requirements is defined for a specific project according to definition of Mission and program funding constraints. This same process is directly applicable to commercial applications. Project stakeholders specify prioritized design criteria (define the mission) for commercial facilities on a project-specific basis. Most microgrid applications are retrofits, requiring unique integration engineering to create a power system that meets functional expectations – both technically and financially. Projects seek replication to achieve cost savings, schedule optimization, and quality improvements. With most microgrid projects there isn’t some standardized system installed, thus employing a standardized process to develop a microgrid provides the benefits of replication and lessons learned. Using the Secure Microgrid’s® standardized process enables a project team to hit the ground running, cost-effectively implementing an optimized power supply system in the least amount of time. This presentation provides an overview of this standardize process, including its application at a US airbase and a community microgrid, both of which incorporate renewable and fossil fueled power sources..


Darrell Thornley

Vice President

DT Energy

A mechanical engineer by training, Mr. Thornley has practiced in the power and process business arenas over 30 years. His experience ranges from journeyman tradesman to engineering, construction and project management. Business experience includes project development, finance, joint venture formation, sales, and operations and maintenance responsibilities. He is the inventor of the patented engineering process (US patent # 92,026,260), "Secure Microgrid®", a comprehensive engineering process for developing robust microgrids. He resides with his family in Austin, Texas, and has been practicing as an independent consultant for 5-years.