Case Study 100% Hybrid Solar (PV-T) Ability to Meet Heating and Cooling Loads in San Jose CA


Solar technology now has the capability to provide all of a small homes energy needs eliminating the need to procure fossil fuel back up systems. Presentation will share the technology along with a case study on a San Jose implementation where the owner cost of ownership has been reduced by greater than $100,000.


Michael Intrieri


SunDrum Solar

Michael G. Intrieri  founded SunDrum® Solar in 2008.   His passion for solar energy solutions began in the 70's working with his father to capture solar thermal energy.  Mr. Intrieri has a range of experience with solar thermal heating, cooling, and electrical solar systems.     Taking up the challenge to develop a solution to maximize total solar energy capture he developed the Intellectual Property for SunDrum® Solar's Hybrid  technology which achievements include; current solar efficiency record holder at 86%, 2017 AEE International Innovation Award,  largest hybrid solar array in the US at 3.8MW, and 2019 top 10 Renewable Energy solution provider.     Mr. Intrieri obtained  his Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree from the University of Central Florida in 1982 and holds a number of hybrid solar patents.