Doing an Energy Treasure Hunt? Compressed Air and CAC System Approach Can be a Gold Mine!



An Energy Treasure Hunt or Energy Kaizen is a two- to three-day event concentrated on energy efficiency/savings that engages employees in identifying low-cost energy savings opportunities from behavioral, operational, and maintenance actions. For these events, Compressed air systems offer a lot of opportunity provided you know what to look for. The key to increasing compressed air efficiency and reducing costs is to apply best practices by using the Compressed Air Challenge’s Systems Approach. Too often compressed air is looked at from the compressor or supply side of the system. This limits the opportunities for improvement because the end usage or demand drives the supply, it must be the focus of attention. Concentrating on proper application, operation, maintenance and behavior will insure the highest operating efficiency, improve energy usage, reduce production losses, and lower cost. This paper will outline several areas of opportunity that should be explored when doing an Energy Treasure Hunt or any other activity looking to improve energy and compressed air system efficiency.


Joseph Ghislain, PE, CEM, CSDP

Instructor/Board Member & Principal/Owner

Compressed Air Challenge & Ghislain Operational Efficiency

Joe is a principal in GOE (Ghislain Operational Efficiency), a consulting firm that specializes in Green and Lean (Energy Management and Lean Manufacturing). He is a 6-Sigma Black Belt whose career at Ford Motor Company gave him over 31 years’ experience in the Automotive Industry and over 36 years of experience with Energy, Powerhouse Operations, Compressed Air Systems, and Operational Efficiency Improvements. Some of the positions he has held include: Licensed Stationary Engineer in a hospital, Power House Chief Engineer, Corporate Energy Engineer, Manufacturing Planning Manager & most notably, Global Manager of Energy Efficiency Programs where he was responsible for developing and implementing energy management programs to reduce energy cost and usage through increased operational efficiency and improved energy practices.(including compressed air system improvements) within all of Ford's plants and divisions globally. Joe has been part of the Compressed Air Challenge since its inceptions, serving as the Chairperson for the Project Development Committee, Technical Advisory Committee, and as the End User Representative on Board of Directors. He is an instructor for both CAC Fundamentals and Advanced Compressed Air System Training and contributed to the development of both courses, Joe received his B.S.E.E.T. from DeVry Institute of Technology and his M.A. in Business Management and Energy from DePaul University. His credentials include: Certified Compressed Air System Specialist, Certified Practitioner Energy Management Systems – Industrial, SEP Performance Verifier – Industrial, Certified Energy Manager, Certified Sustainable Development Professional and Registered Environmental Manager. He is also a ISO50001/DOE Superior Energy Performance Qualified instructor. Joe has authored/co-authored many technical papers on Energy and compressed air that have been published by a number of sources including, AEE, ACEEE, ECEE, SAE, SME, Compressed Air Best Practices and Plant Services. Joe has always been passionate about energy and serves or has served on several energy committees including US Council for Energy Efficient Manufacturing (formerly, DOE/EPA Superior Energy Performance), ISO 50001 US Technical Advisory Group(TAG), ANSI-GTEEMC Consensus Board, IEnMP Advisory Board and Board of Directors, CPEnMS Scheme Committee and ASME Industrial Energy Systems Assessment Committee.