Best Practices in Industrial Retro-Commissioning


Industrial systems such as compressed air, boilers and refrigeration systems often employ sophisticated controls using PLCs. However there is not a prevalence of monitoring systems to ensure that settings reflect current operations. By utilizing retro commissioning it is possible to achieve significant savings



Shiva Subramanya


Enpowered Solutions, LLC

Mr. Subramanya is currently a Principal at Enpowered Solutions, a leading energy solutions company. He has over 28 years of experience in the construction of energy projects including performance contracting, commissioning, retro-commissioning, monitoring based commissioning, development, energy engineering and construction management. As a cofounder of Enpowered Solutions, he has been responsible for identifying, building and managing profitable lines of businesses. As a recognized expert in the energy industry, Mr. Subramanya has published papers and is a frequently featured speaker on wide ranging energy issues. His expert knowledge of industrial energy efficiency, central plants, cogeneration systems and utility rebate programs has led to millions of dollars in energy savings and rebates to Enpowered’s customers. Previous to Enpowered Solutions, Mr. Subramanya had held executive management positions at several national energy companies including Ameresco, EPS and Enron Energy Services.

He is an expert energy engineer, auditor and energy modeler. His engineering expertise spans energy efficiency, renewable energy, and cogeneration, both in project development, construction management and finance and has been responsible for over $500MM in energy projects. Shiva holds a patent on the utilization of real time energy use to deliver persistent energy savings. Shiva holds a Masters in Mechanical Engineering and is a Certified Energy Manager. Shiva has also served on the Department of Energy's Commercial Work Credentialing Council to develop energy auditing standards.