Advanced Retrofit Efficiency Technologies with Rapid ROI


Today’s building operators are under increasing pressure to increase facility amenities while using less resources to do so. Considering the dozens of building systems consuming resources, selecting the best efficiency strategy can be daunting. Scott Milne the Founder of Rocky Mountain Efficiency Group, a company designed to research, test, trial, validate and educate facility engineers on the most effective efficiency strategies. Not only will Scott describe and demonstrate many efficiency retrofit strategies, he will describe the efficiency priority process unique to your specific facility. Attendees will learn how to utilize retrofit techniques that not only improve occupant satisfaction and safety but can provide a rapid ROI, with important additional secondary benefits. Scott will utilize live demonstrations to illustrate the effectiveness of these advanced techniques, and has prepared a professional power point presentation. Scott is also well aware of the importance of presenter neutrality and will be describing efficiency methodology without listing specific products or manufacturers.



Scott Milne


Rocky Mountain Efficiency Group

Scott Milne is the founder and CEO of Rocky Mountain Efficiency Group LLC.
He was employed in finance for 20 years before entering the energy market in 2007. He is certified by all three of the Nation’s leading authorities of facility conservation; BPI, RESNET, LEED. Scott was on the forefront of the east coast renewable energy boom, with hundreds of systems installed. He has built his reputation on large scale efficiency projects in public facilities and for industry. Scott is also the Director of Denver Lodging Engineers Association, the originator of the Evergreen Energy Expo annual event and has been featured in television and radio interviews. Scott is also a skilled public speaker and educator. He has been a featured speaker in large Engineering expos, horticultural events, and international facility conventions for groups such as IFMA, AEE regional, NCIA, NMFT and NORMAL.