Adjusting Savings to the New World - Measurement & Verification for Condensing Boilers


Converting older non-condensing boilers to high-efficiency condensing boilers has been a popular Energy Conservation Measure (ECM) for a number of years, but the measurement and verification of this ECM has lagged behind. Option A (retrofit isolation with key parameter measurement) is typically selected for boiler replacement ECMs with the key parameter of combustion efficiency. However, current industry standard methodology relies on difficult combustion testing requirements in order to account for the latent energy that is partially recovered from flue gas by condensing boilers. This presentation will focus on current methods used to measure condensate/latent energy recovery and new calculation methods used to simplify the process. The objective of this presentation is to highlight potential challenges surrounding combustion efficiency testing for condensing boilers and to assist in developing a successful Measurement and Verification Plan to quantify energy savings for boiler replacement measures. Professionals involved in day-to-day measurement and verification activities are targeted for this presentation.


John Nott, PE, CEM, BEMP

Principal Energy Engineer

Griffith Engineering, Inc.

John Nott is a Principal and the Energy Projects Team leader at Griffith Engineering Inc., in Atlanta Georgia. At Griffith Engineering, John leads a team of nine energy engineers that provide investment grade energy analysis services to owners, architects, utilities, and energy services companies across the globe. John is a certified energy manager (CEM) and measurement and verification professional (CMVP) along with holding certifications for energy modeling, sustainable systems, and a professional engineering license.

Cody David, PE

Senior Energy Engineer

Griffith Engineering, Inc.

Cody David is Professional Engineer with more than 10 years’ experience performing energy audits, simulating building energy performance, and optimizing building energy systems. At Griffith Engineering, Cody provides investment-grade energy audits and analysis for energy service companies. His work has included providing building data analyses and other support for Grants to Green, Atlanta Better Buildings Challenge, Nonprofit Energy and Water Efficiency initiative, and other building efficiency programs.

Nathalie Shaffer, PE, CEM

Energy Engineer

Schneider Electric

Nathalie has 18 years of professional career experience where she has been involved in different areas of the energy sector, originally in Oil & Gas but most recently with HVAC, Building Efficiency, Energy Management and Renewable Natural Gas. Since 2010, she started working as an energy engineer and project engineer for the ESCO sector. She just joined Schneider Electric as an energy engineer but previously she was part of the Performance Contracting team at Trane Technologies. Nathalie has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Universidad Simon Bolivar in Venezuela and a Master’s in Engineering Management.