Overcoming EV Charging Point Demand Charges and Challenges


EV Charging has been widely touted as the growth savior for the Utility industry that's under tremendous pressure.  However, EV charging is not only going to increase electricity consumption and system peak demand, but greatly stress delivery infrastructure, reliability and costs.  Solutions must be developed and utilized to reduce and manage peak demand in order to allow for manageable infrastructure improvements, strong grid reliability, and affordable user demand charge economics.

This presentation will detail technologies that manage and mitigate charge point peak demand, lowering one of the principal hurdles limiting the implementation of electrified transportation.


Gary Morsches



Gary Morsches is a 35-year veteran of the energy industry experienced in market deregulation, risk management, supply, asset optimization and technology. Gary served as a Partner at the Boston Consulting Group, and has held senior management positions at the Southern Company, Mirant, Conectiv Energy, CME Group and Nationwide Energy Partners. Gary earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Dayton and holds an MBA from the University of Texas-San Antonio