Nine Areas of Compressed Air Systems Optimisation Opportunities Based on International Case Studies


The author presents and quantifies the nine most common areas of feasible energy management opportunities of an average sized compressed air system based on his experience conducting 55 compressed air systems optimization assessments in 16 countries.

Each of the nine areas of opportunity is prioritised and showcased, with interesting case studies and revealing examples from around the world.  The reader is presented with a unique perspective, which could be generalised and replicated to optimize compressed air systems in order to achieve financially attractive results.

Presented By

Albert Williams
Energy Engineer

Albert is an energy engineer and training instructor.  His 14 years of energy experience includes the conducting of 160 energy audits, including 55 industrial compressed air system optimization assessments.  He has trained over 1500 energy professionals in 70 energy training courses worldwide.

He is a course material developer and international trainer for the CEM® and CEA™ courses.  He does regular work for the United Nations (UNIDO) as an international expert and trainer on compressed air systems optimisation, and as a technical energy expert for various other international training providers.

Albert received the AEE Young Energy Professional of the year award in 2018 for the sub-Saharan Africa region, and was also recognised with the Energy Professional of the year award in 2018 by the SAEEC. He qualified as a CEM® in 2008, and is also certified as a CEA™, REP™, CMVP®, and CASO Expert.