"Bonus Motor" Program: Promoting Energy Efficiency in the Driving Force Segment


The driving force is one of the largest electricity consumers in Brazil. Motors account for approximately 30% of all electric energy consumed in the country. These motors represent a considerable potential for reducing losses in the business sector, since most of these devices are old and obsolete. With an average age of more than seventeen years, most of these electric motors, still in operation, don´t meet the minimum levels of efficiency defined by Brazilian’s regulations. In addition, equipment generally loses efficiency over the years, starting to consume more energy without increasing their productivity. Another very common practice in Brazil is the reconditioning of old motors. At first, this practice seems to be advantageous because the price of reconditioned motors is noticeably lower than that of a new motor. However, it is verified that the motors submitted to this process have their efficiency compromised, consuming much more than necessary.

Aware that investing in actions energy savings is more feasible than investing in the expansion of the electric power system, Celesc has developed the “Bonus Motor” Program. The program promoted energy efficiency by replacing old or reconditioned motors for new motors, more moderns and more efficient, using a variable bonus system depending on the old motor power and the new motor performance. In this way, the company encourages the technological update of the motors used in its operation area, reducing and rendering less attractive the reconditioning motors practice and the use of old and inefficient motors, enabling the business sector to maintain or still increase your activity, consuming less electricity and increasing their competitiveness. Through this program, Celesc grants a financial bonus that doesn’t need to be returned. In addition, it’s a much simpler process, without the need to take on debt, where the bonus is granted at the time of purchase of the motors. It’s a very simple way to drastically reduce the investment needed to purchase a high efficiency motor that will provide substantial energy savings.

Presented By

Arthur Rangel Laureano, C.M.V.P.
Electrical Engineer
Celesc Distribuição S.A

Electric  Engineer and Certified Measurement & Verification Professional® (CMVP). Energy efficiency project manager at CELESC Distribuição SA, works with projects development and management in the framework of the Energy Efficiency Program regulated by ANEEL, the national regulatory agency in Brazil.