Selling Energy Efficiency Through Effective Industry Engagement


Economists and behavioral psychologists are increasingly interested in studying the idea that people possess only a finite capacity to process, let alone act on, the information they receive. In the field of energy efficiency, this has some interesting implications. Energy efficiency is one of the most cost-effective means to reduce energy consumption and emissions, and the overall operational costs of buildings. Energy efficiency also enables buildings to off-set rising energy costs. While there are empirical ways to measure success, and freely available resources and financial incentives, why is it is difficult to convince people with non-energy background that energy efficiency works? It is not an impossible task. The presentation will highlight proven strategies and practical tools to advance building performance, and feature one of BOMA Toronto’s successful industry engagement programs, race2reduce.

Presented By

Bala Gnanam, B.Eng., C.E.M., C.D.S.M.
Vice President - Energy, Environment & Strategic Partnerships
Building Owners & Managers Association Toronto

Bala Gnanam is the VP – Energy, Environment & Strategic Partnerships with the Building Owners and Managers Association of Greater Toronto Area (BOMA Toronto). He is responsible for managing and facilitating the development and delivery of educational contents, programs, and initiatives that promote energy efficiency, sustainability, and regulatory compliance to the membership.  Bala is also actively involved in the association’s advocacy initiatives, working closely with all three levels of governments and industry stakeholders contributing to policies and programs impacting the commercial real estate industry. Bala is an industrial engineer and a Certified Energy Manager with over eighteen years of experience in the energy and manufacturing sectors. Prior to his current role Bala was with an energy consulting firm as their Senior Program Manager responsible for the design and delivery of CDM services to multiple local electricity distribution companies in Ontario, and prior to that  he managed the BOMA Toronto’s multiple-award winning Conservation and Demand Management Program as its Director of Projects and Operations.