Smart Thermostats DR Performance


Smart thermostats are becoming the major contributor of residential DR programs. Deemed values or manufacturer’s claimed values are typically used for utility DR program evaluations. However, they may not represent the actual performance in a specific DR program or provide full insights of a DR event. This presentation will provide how CLEAResult takes advantage of 15-min interval demand data, calculates actual curtailments at the program level, and then determines specific characteristics such as participation rate, average curtailment per participant and per thermostat, and total curtailments during each event. In addition, regression models for participants and non-participants can help in identifying more thermostat operating patterns such as pre-cooling spikes, curtailment profiles, and post rebounds. These profiles can help utility understand grid impacts from smart T-stats, and then develop proper mitigation plans for pre-cooling spikes and post rebounds if necessary. Furthermore, this presentation will evaluate the relationship between thermostat curtailment performance and ambient temperature. For example, higher temperature may lead to higher cooling curtailment potential per participant, but it may also result in lower participation rates, because DR customers have the flexibility for full participation, partial participation, and op out.

Presented By

Bhaskar Vempati, Ph.D., P.E., PMP
Engineering Manager

Bhaskar Vempati, Ph.D, P.E, P.MP,  CEM, Engineering Manager. Dr. Vempati has been working as an Engineering Manager and senior energy engineer at CLEAResult  for the past 2.5 years. He manages projects as well as provides technical support for Industrial Energy Efficiency and Demand Response Programs for California utilities, Southern California Edison, Pacific Gas and Electric Company, Southern Gas Company, Austin Energy and SMUD. Prior to joining CLEAResult, Dr. Vempati worked as a senior engineer at firms, EnerNOC, Nexant and ADM Associates.  Dr. Vempati has over 10 years of experience managing engineering and technical projects relating to the industrial, commercial, agricultural areas.  Dr. Vempati has expertise in areas including commercial HVAC systems and lighting systems,  steam, hot water and process heating systems, compressed air system, process fan and pumps, heat recovery equipment,.  He manages the projects, performs detailed engineering analysis of industrial and commercial energy efficiency and demand response measures using custom developed tools and commercial energy modeling softwares, prepares measure and verification plans, develops calculation templates, provides training sessions to junior colleagues, performs internal quality assurance review of reports and calculations, writes detailed reports, presents findings to clients and assists clients in implementation of measures. Dr. Vempati published several technical articles in peer reviewed journals and presented seminars in conferences.