Determination of Market Potential for Solar Energy Driven Alternative Air Conditioning Systems in India


Energy demand in India will increase by a factor of 1.5 to 2.5 by 2030 and minimum energy consumption of 2.3 toe/year/cap is needed to achieve HDI of 0.9, where as, less than 10% of the potential solar energy is utilized till date, that needs to be accelerated. The demand for energy guzzlers, such as, air-conditioning units has increased from about 25 million units (MU) in 1998 to more than 40 MU in 2006. About 115370 GWh of electricity was used in India to meet the air-condition and cooling demand in 2010-2011. It has increased by 40% in urban India and 21% in rural India by the year 2017. This is causing tremendous pressure on energy security and environment.

This paper, supported with cases, derives market potential mapping technique for the use of solar energy in cooling systems applying Hierarchically Adjusted Model and Bass Model. The need of the hour is to develop user-friendly web portal to measure feasibility of installing Solar A.C. for Indian locations.

Presented By

Binoy Choudhury
Professor and Assistant Director AEE International Member Development
Indian Institute of Social Welfare & Business Management (IISWBM)

First Author: Raja Gopal Dhar Chakraborti

Prof Dr Raja Gopal Dhar Chakraborti is the President, AEE Kolkata Chapter and Director, IISWBM. He is on lien as Professor, Economics and Demography, Department of South & Southeast Asian Studies, Calcutta University, Kolkata, India and had served as Registrar, University of Calcutta, Director, Institute of Foreign Policy Studies, Calcutta University, Director, Centre for South & Southeast Asian Studies, Calcutta Universit, Department Chair, Department of South & Southeast Asian Studies, Calcutta. He is Lead Faculty and Coordinator, India of Ford Foundation sponsored three years program on India China Interactions, organised by New School, New York and participated by Yunnan University, Kunming, China and Calcutta University, Kolkata, India.Visiting Chair, Department of Gerontology, St. Thomas University Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. Being a Visiting Fellow, London School of Economics and Master in Economics from University of Calcutta, he is a renowned Economist.

Second Author: Nimai Sundar Manna
Nimai Sundar Manna is Faculty – MBA, Vidyasagar University, India and Research Scholar (Ph.D.) – Dept. of Business Management – University of Calcutta at IISWBM (Research Institute). He is SRF – Centre of Excellence in Financial markets, University of Calcutta and President, ASHALATA (Centre for Education, Health, Environment & Culture). He is a member of Energy Club, IISWBM

Third Author: Binoy K Choudhury
Prof.( Dr.) Binoy Krishna Choudhury, PhD (IIT) & Fellow (IEI), is Professor – PSM (Energy Management), Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management and Assistant Director – International Member Development AEE Asia Subcontinent & Secretary – Energy Club
He is Accredited Energy Auditor (BEE, Govt of India) & CEM & CEA & Trainer (AEE, USA). He is having about 25 years of experience in teaching, research and industry in the field of Energy Management.