The Power of Benchmarking


The motto of “Copy from the Best with Pride” will get you in trouble in school, but will make you effective in industry. The best way to continue to improve an energy management program is by learning from other’s successes and failures. Benchmarking is a powerful tool to make your energy program better.

Nissan has been able to make significant improvements in energy management through benchmarking. By working with fellow ENERGY STAR and DOE partners, Nissan is able to engage with other industries, including competitors. Nissan will share case studies and recommendations on how to successfully benchmark. This will include how to find benchmarking partners, what types of questions to ask, and how to present the information learned internally. This toolkit is useful for both mature and new energy management programs.

Presented By

Chris Goddard, P.E.
Environmental and Energy Manager
Nissan North America, Inc.

Chris Goddard is the Energy & Environmental Engineering Manager at Nissan North America’s auto assembly operations in Smyrna, Tennessee.  He is responsible for the manufacturing facility’s environmental compliance and energy reduction initiatives as well as overseeing planning, forecasting, and measurement of performance improvements.

Chris also served as the Nissan Energy Team leader for the implementation of Enterprise-wide certification for ISO 50001 Energy Management System and Superior Energy Performance.

Chris holds a M.S. degree in Civil & Environmental Engineering from Tennessee Technological University.  Prior to joining Nissan in 2004, Chris served as Vice President of a Nashville-based environmental consulting firm.