Leveraging Energy Procurement Strategies to Maximize Cost Reduction


Energy is an extremely complex commodity to purchase, especially considering the state of deregulated energy markets in North America. Many energy buyers have a difficult time tying supply-side buy strategies to demand-side goals and investments. This session will focus on helping energy managers understand competitive electricity and natural gas markets, how to solicit bids from energy marketers and how to structure bid events. We will discuss different types of pricing products such as fixed price, index, block and index, and wholesale pricing. We will also discuss ways to incorporate demand response and energy efficiency projects in energy procurement strategies to generate additional supply side cost savings.

Presented By

Chris McCall
Senior Project Manager
Leidos, Inc.

Mr. McCall is a Certified Energy Procurement Professional who currently manages a $225 million portfolio of third-party energy supply contracts serving federal, state and commercial clients.  These contracts serve over 800 end use facilities located in forty states and eighty utility service territories. Mr. McCall develops energy purchasing strategies for his clients by helping them establish benchmarks and risk goals. He has twenty-one years of experience providing expertise in the following areas: energy procurement, risk management, renewable energy, demand side management and cost benefit analysis. Mr. McCall holds  a Master of Business Administration from the University of Maryland and has been a member of AEE since 2012.