The Greater Rochester International Airport Success Story


BACnet protocol provides the flexibility of multiple devices and separate systems to communicate under a single control system. VS Energy as a specialty design sub consultant of CHA consulting inc. acted as the primary systems integration engineers at Greater Rochester International Airport terminal improvements project.

A multitude of HVAC systems were integrated into a single control system utilizing BACnet as the communications protocol for all controllers, variable speed drives, magnet bearing chillers, and a first of its kind BACnet integrated gate hold room lighting control system. All overhead gate hold room lights now utilize active visual identification of hold room status via the control of RGB overhead lighting. This system is specifically used to communicate with deaf or hearing-impaired passengers at the airport. The FIDS (Flight Information Display System) is integrated into a BACnet server running an XML to serial converter to cue the gate lighting. The BACnet server also uses the FIDS data to perform Demand Control Ventilation within all gate hold rooms as another energy conservation strategy.

Overall, this project has delivered the customers a more personalized and comfortable experience while reducing the overall energy consumption at the airport.

Presented By

Clayton Ferry
Project Manager
VS Energy

Clayton Ferry is a Project Manager at VS Energy. Clayton has performed Energy Engineering within manufacturing facilities including ASHRAE Level 1 and 2 energy audits, hydronic systems design, building management system engineering, and IPMVP Option B Measurement and Verification. Clayton has also performed project commissioning, construction administration, lighting system engineering and programming, and systems integration engineering at the Greater Rochester International Airport.

Clayton started his engineering career in the energy field from college as an engineering intern with a Geothermal and Solar company. He then became an engineering intern with VS Energy and accepted a full-time position as a Project Engineer prior to graduating in 2017.

Clayton has recently become an Energy Manager in Training (EMIT) and an Engineer in training (EIT) along with holding a degree in Mechanical Engineering (BS).