Total Cost of Ownership - A New Standard


The Facilities and infrastructure industry have been focused on the first cost of projects for far too long. While there is certainly some support for cutting energy costs this too is only addressing part of the issue. A more holistic Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) approach is a far better way to address all the issues and determine the best approach for a sustainable and resilient future. APPA has been working over the past several years on a standard that would be recognized by ANSI as the best approach to TCO. Deke Smith, one of the co-chairs of the committee developing the standard will present information on the recently completed two-part standard Part 1 – Principles and Part 2 – Implementation of APPA 1000™. This approach is highly scalable from single assets to entire portfolios. It is applicable to all types of facilities and infrastructure

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Dana Smith
DKS Information Consulting, LLC

Dana Kennish “Deke” Smith, FAIA

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Deke Smith is President of DKS Information Consulting, LLC, formerly Executive Director of bimSMART Foundation as well as a Senior Analyst with Cyon Research and on the Board of the Center For Understanding Change (C4UC). He was formerly the Executive Director of the buildingSMART alliance™ and a member of buildingSMART International Executive Committee. Deke is currently Co-chair of the APPA committee developing an ANSI standard for Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and coordinating the Academic Interoperability Coalition (AiC) a group of 70 universities developing a Body of Knowledge for BIM education. He was a registered architect in the state of Virginia for 40 years and is a Fellow emeritus in the American Institute of Architects. He is co-author of “Building Information Modeling: A Strategic Implementation Guide” published in 2009 by Wiley.