A Field Assessment of Predected and Actual Performance Values for Hospitality Installation in New York City and Comparative Study with that of Selected Cities in India


Absorption chillers are often used a fuel switching tool to manage costs in urban environments where the demand costs are relatively high. Many a times they have less impact on environment. Given the abundant supply in US, Natural Gas fired absorbers are viable options for all hotel operators. In certain urban areas with district steam, a steam driven absorption chiller can also be used. In India, they are gaining significance in market share making use of waste heat in industries or even solar water heating systems that normally left under-utilized in summer.

In this study, results from such an assessment of predicted and actual performance values for Hospitality Installation in New York City is presented. Similarly results from selected installations in India are also analysed.

Three (3) 300 T Steam fired Li-Br machines were installed as a part of the upgrade of an existing luxury hotel and the corresponding upgrades in cooling tower and a BMS allowed data collection and analysis. These results indicate the first year’s operation of the newer steam system against their catalog values, and the impact of optimization in the second year. Also as a benchmarking – comparison to two(2) 300 Ton gas fired machines of same size but which are approximately 20 years old are compared – these are not connected to an advanced Building Management System and therefore data is less granular.

Presented By

Devashish Lahiri, P.E., C.E.M.
LPI Vidaris

Mr Lahiri is a founding member of Viridian and now part of the Vidaris brand leading the commissioning and testing services and a long time AEE member. Prof. Dr Chowdhury is the AEE country head in India and Pratik Bhattacharjee is with Blue Star, Chiller manufacturer