The Trump-Bolsonaro Era: How it Affects Energy Management Systems Development and Climate Change in Brazil.


The issue brings insights on the impact of Federal Administration over Energy Management Systems – EnMS implementation in Brazil and also over Climate Change. The rise of a right-wing oriented President in Brazil’s election in 2018 – Jair Bolsonaro, brings immediate comparisons to Donald Trump’s election that was amplified by Bolsonaro’s declaration the end of an era of Populism in Brazil and the desire to strengthen the US-Brazil relationship. Cancellation of previously signed Agreements (i.e. Accord de Paris) and changes in incentives for Renewable Energy sources caused reactions in many sectors in both Countries that put in perspective the debate about the role of Federal Administration and the Civil Society in the context of EnMS and Climate Change.

Presented By

Enio Akira Kato

Enio Akira Kato, was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1967. AEE Brazil Chapter Past President 2017-18. He has been conducting Energy Audits since 1999, working for Honeywell in Brazil, when he took a Master Degree at Sao Paulo University – “Performance Contracting: the North-American model in the Building Automation Market in the ’90”. He works at Nittoguen, a consulting engineering firm since 2002, as Energy Auditor, M&V Specialist and as Comissioning Agent with extensive contribution to achievement of LEED EBOM Certification in the last seven years. Professor at Sao Paulo University – USP since 2008. Member of ISO (ABNT – Associacao Brasileira de Normas Tecnicas), ASHRAE and ABESCO (Associacao Brasileira de ESCOs)