Optimizing Compressed Air Reliability


Half of the compressed air produced in industrial systems is typically wasted through leakage, artificial demand and inappropriate use. An energy study or treasure hunt can identify this waste. Eliminating the waste can reduce the number of compressors required, freeing the existing unused compressors to provide backup. Unfortunately, in today’s world of restricted capital availability, very few companies ever check the reliability of their compressed air systems. This presentation will review the simple steps needed to increase systems reliability.

Presented By

Frank Moskowitz
Service Sales Manager - AIRScan
Atlas Copco Compressors

Frank Moskowitz has an extensive background with over 35 years’ experience in plant engineering. Frank is an associate of Atlas Copco primarily in the auditing, consulting, training and system design fields. Frank is a Compressed Air Challenge instructor for the Fundamentals and Advanced level of training as well as an AIRMaster+ instructor. Frank is also Vice-Chair for ASME Standard EA-4-2010 “Energy Assessment for Compressed Air Systems” and is a member of International Standards Organization (ISO) technical committee for Air Compressors and compressed air systems energy management; TC118/SC6/WG4