Developing Innovative Sustainability Strategies to Improve Energy Performance in Plants and Buildings


Energy conservation and energy efficiency are presently the most powerful tools in our global transition to a clean energy future. Renewable energy is an important piece of our energy future, but the largest opportunities are currently in energy conservation and efficiency. Efficiency as an Energy source has a significant impact on the environment, when compared with other Energy sources. Energy efficiency improvements help to reduce the energy consumption and excessive demand on our distribution systems. Renewable Energy is the cleanest form of energy and has become a more affordable source of energy; however, its adoption is not the first step in achieving the most optimal energy-use.

Energy Efficiency optimizes the energy system as a whole; it does this by removing wasted energy through focused employee education and mindset changes, thereby improving efficiency through the implementation of energy-efficient technologies. Simply put, energy not used will always be the cheapest and cleanest energy available. Developing verifiable action plans toward achieving Sustainability is a must in our world today. Developing innovative strategies in the following areas helps companies improve their sustainability performance and energy efficiency programs:

  • ‘ENERGY STAR’ Plant Certification / Challenge for Industry.
  • Conduct ‘Energy Treasure Hunts’ (Energy Gemba Walk).
  • Establish ‘Green Teams’ – by engaging Employees in Sustainability.
  • Bringing the ‘Green’ into Six Sigma – DMAGIC.

Presented By

Gary Williams, Green MBA, IAC2, CMI, Lean Six Sigma
Carolinas Energy Associates, LLC

Gary Williams’ holds a ‘Master’s Degree in Sustainability – Renewable Energy’, aka “Green MBA”, and is Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Pr. Cert Eng. – GCC (Electrical – RSA), and Certified Indoor Air Quality Consultant, IAC2.  Gary’s 30 plus years of combined experience in the engineering profession, energy management training, and renewable energy business has built a solid foundation for his Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Consulting Company. This versatile leadership has been demonstrated with a consistent track record creating value in manufacturing, renewable energy, data management, technology through innovation, process improvement and developing results-orientated organizations.

As past Chairman of the ICMEESA (Institution of the Certificated Mechanical and Electrical Engineers of South Africa), he inspired and engaged Engineers to deliver measurable results in the engineering and energy efficiency sectors. This passion led to his appointment of establishing and managing Eskom’s Industrelek Energy Test and Demonstration Center in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Since moving to the USA in 2001, Gary has worked closely with many Industrial and Commercial organizations to improve their production efficiencies in the usage of energy significantly. Most notable is his leadership in guidance with global corporations to improve their energy efficiency and clean up the environment by reducing CO2 emissions. Gary’s ENERGY STAR Partnership and Consulting work continues to guide organizations to deliver excellence in creating, enhancing and sustaining the Company’s ‘Triple Bottom Line’; People, Planet, Profit.