Industrial Energy Analytics At Work


Industrial Energy Analytics At Work

This presentation is designed to provide examples of how industrial users are applying

data analytic tools to identify energy savings opportunities and develop efficiency projects. The following topics will be discussed:

Metering & Data Collection Overview

  • Typical metering system
  • Metering project costs and considerations
  • Data management & reporting

The Benefits Of Data Analytics

  • Transforming data into actionable intelligence
  • Analytics as part of your energy management strategy
  • Indirect benefits of analytics

Metering & Analytics Data Integration

  • Why is working with industrial data so difficult?
  • Integration with other plant systems
  • Putting it all together

Selling It To Management?

  • Justification of metering & analytics projects
  • Budgeting for success – Direct and indirect costs
  • Promoting success – presenting results to management

Analytics At Work – User Case Studies

  • Management of on-peak usage and demand
  • M&V for energy efficiency measures
  • Compressed air supply and distribution systems
  • Chilled water system optimization
  • Steam supply and distribution systems
  • Equipment set point verification & management
  • Identification of equipment performance issues
  • Identification of operational issues

Presented By

James Majsak, C.E.M.
Director, Load Management
Groom Energy

Jim is currently employed by Groom Energy as their Director of Load Management and responsible for working with customers to better understand their energy usage profiles and identify opportunities for efficiency and conservation. Typical projects involve multi-measure solutions to better manage and reduce usage on energy supply and distribution systems throughout the entire facility.

Jim has held various roles in the load management segment of the energy industry for the previous 10 years. Before moving to the energy industry, Jim spent over 20 years in the manufacturing industry as an automation and controls engineer where his focus was on helping customers streamline manufacturing processes and optimize production reporting systems.