Energy Efficiency in the Manufacturing World


Manufacturing today is focused on order fulfillment, customer satisfaction, and overall stakeholder responsibility. While energy as a buzzword continues to rapidly gain traction around alternative energy and technologies such as solar, wind, and DER’s, it remains predominantly at the larger generation and transmission levels. Companies large and small are missing out on opportunities near or immediately at their site. Instead energy and utility bills become an accepted cost of doing business that seemingly do not capture enough attention when compared to labor and fixed costs.

Lower utility bills, satisfying regulatory requirements, and energy independence is all possible by utilizing a variety of strategies. Distributed Energy Resources, Over the fence solutions, demand management and smart metering all have a place in the manufacturing world and are the likely key to transformational cost reduction in the factory.

Understanding the real time energy consumption of the factory is critical towards identifying solutions to reduce energy spending. These aspects not only define the very merits of an energy reduction project but they are also the closing argument for Measurement & Verification(M&V).

Presented By

Jason Bell, C.E.M.
Global Manufacturing Technology Manager
PQ Corporation - Potters Industries Performance Materials

My manufacturing experience spans 20 years in roles within day to day site management, project and capital management, labor relations, technology development, and energy efficiency. I hold degrees in Business Administration, Operations Management, and currently completing an M.S. of Energy Management from Clarkson University. As a C.E.M. my focus has been to develop a link between energy savings and the manufacturing world beyond the status quo of production demands. My downtime is centered around spending time in the outdoors with my family.