Energy Storytelling - Finding the Energy Story that will Supercharge your Conservation Culture


We all enjoy a good story, but how many times have we thought about taking an ‘energy story’ and using it to drive our conservation objectives? A truly effective story has the ability to stick with us and leave a positive impact on our outlook that influences future good decisions. Effectively using energy stories is a tool to help teams develop a positive outlook and the good decisions that are needed to build a culture of energy conservation excellence.

In this 30-minute presentation you will begin the process of finding appropriate energy conservation stories within your organization and learning how to polish them into effective messages. We review the key elements that make an energy story truly memorable and delve into the integral story features that drive connections with employees. We will dramatically multiply these impacts when the stories are incorporated as a part of our overall energy thematic messaging.

We will work with you to identify your own energy stories during this session, providing the confidence and tools needed to enhance your organization’s storytelling abilities!

Presented By

Jeffrey Stolz
Operational Excellence Manager
Raytheon Company

Jeff Stolz has worked for Raytheon for 32 years, and is currently the operational excellence lead for the Circuit Card Assembly department.

As part of the operations team, he participates in complex and exciting manufacturing projects focusing on lean manufacturing techniques along with Energy Conservation, Mission Assurance, Safety, Ergonomics and Security. These projects are components of systems supporting homeland and missile defense strategies and may involve products currently in production, those in design and those transitioning into production. Raytheon is heavily aligned with the Six Sigma principles and Jeff plays a key role in teaching the Six Sigma mindset.

Jeff has also been instrumental in developing a dynamic Co-op program working with students from a variety of colleges. The goal of the program is to provide understanding of manufacturing principles from the ground up and stimulate creative solutions to an array of real life manufacturing challenges. As a result of this program the students have the opportunity to shape the next steps in their educational and career aspirations.

Jeff has served on the core teams at Raytheon’s Integrated Air Defense Center that have received the Shingo Silver Medallion Award (2008), AME Enterprise Excellence Award (2009), Industry Week Best Plant Award (2011) and Association of Energy Engineers New England Chapter- Best Employee Driven Program Award (2011).

Jeff often presents at conferences on such subjects as enhancing employee engagement, improved compliance methodologies and interactive training. He has presented three times at the National VPPPA Conference, four times at the VPPPA Region 1 Conference, twice at the National Grid Energy Efficiency Summit, twice at the AEE East Conference and multiple times at Ground-based Midcourse Defense Conferences.