Breaking Ground with C-PACE Financing


C-PACE financing is a policy that enables commercial property owners to more-easily invest in renewable and energy efficiency building improvements and construction elements. This educational session introduces conference attendees to the opportunity represented by commercial PACE (C-PACE). The session, presented in concert by the nation’s leading C-PACE capital provider and a living case study – a Connecticut-based commercial property, will cover basics of C-PACE financing from applicable property types and approved energy saving/renewable measures to the distribution of funds to contractors to repayment through the property tax structure. The session will be case-based, citing specific examples from a variety of projects across the nation representing different business types, property types and improvements.

Questions addressed by the panel or through the lecture include:
1. Program details, qualifications, financing amounts and cost of capital
2. Upcoming states where the program will become available
3. Details on particular case studies, i.e. the measures and installations, as well as verification of proposed energy savings
4. Stakeholder roles including:
What does a building owner have to do to use C-PACE?
How can a contractor benefit and/or introduce this program at the time of project proposal to clients?
What role does the state administrator play in the process?

Presented By

Jessica Bailey
CEO & Co-Founder
Greenworks Lending, LLC

Jessica Bailey is an accomplished speaker, who has presented at numerous commercial real estate, economic development and finance industry events. Bailey is one of the most experienced C-PACE professionals, having co-authored the earliest of state-based policies in the nation while serving as a director at the Connecticut Green Bank. In 2015 Bailey formed Greenworks Lending to scale C-PACE nationally. Today she leads a firm that has expanded operations into 13 states. Through that expansion, Greenworks leadership has advised numerous states and administrators on policy and program development, while also establishing the C-PACE asset class in capital markets when it completed the industry’s first commercial PACE securitization (AA rated by Morningstar).

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Jessica Bailey – CEO and Co-founder