Think Forward to a Greener Tomorrow


From the smell of chocolate chip cookies to medicines being put on gold atoms, nano-particles have become a mainstay in every part of our daily life, both naturally and thanks to technology. As nano-technology has grown, electronics, healthcare, and consumer products have benefitted one billionth of meter at a time. In the world of building heating and cooling where data is typically measured in minutes, nano-technology is available for heat transfer improving every second water spends in a heat exchanger reducing the energy consumption and lowering the carbon footprint of a building.

Nano technology has been disruptive in every industry it touches. In 1997, Argonne National labs stated “…increase in thermal conductivity of approximately 60% can be obtained…” using nano technology. Sir Richard Branson recently noted commercial HVAC’s deficiency in these advancements, specifically starting that we “…have only achieved 14% of the maximum theoretical efficiency” (1).

Today, a NSF HT1 and HT2 certified nano-particle glycol is available. As nano-technology continues to grow within the HVAC industry oversized chillers, larger pumps, and higher peak demand charges caused by traditional technologies will follow the path of incandescent lights.

We would be humbled to present the changes in technology across all industries and particularly how hydronic HVAC systems, with the addition of nano-technology, can reduce a buildings carbon footprint at AEE’s World meeting.

Presented By

Jim Lubratt
Vice President
SVL Inc. and AQC Industries

Jim Lubratt is Vice President for both SVL (Schwab-Vollhaber-Lubratt, Inc) and AQC industries, LLC.  Since 1967, SVL is a manufacturers’ representative firm of applied HVAC equipment in Minnesota, North Dakota and Western Wisconsin.  Since 2011, AQC Industries, LLC is a manufacturer of specialized high density polyethlyene ductwork and phenolic foam based ductwork with a rep network throughout North America.

In addition, Jim is an investor and board member for Hydromx, Inc.  Hydromx is a manufacturer of a revolutionary nano-technology heat transfer fluid.

Jim has 28 years’ experience in the HVAC industry.  Jim is a mechanical engineer with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Southern Methodist University.  Jim is also a member of ASHRAE.