How Utilizing Building Analysis can Reduce Energy Consumption


You have made many investments in building automation, metering, and systems to control your building. In doing so, you can manage your building operations with building management system (BMS) alarms, comfort calls, and metering dashboards that can all indicate a problem may exist. Did you know that significant energy, efficiency, and operational savings may be missed without knowing the whole story? Building Analytics converts the data created by your investments into actionable intelligence, enabling you to identify and prioritize cost-saving opportunities and mechanical system inefficiencies. This presentation will allow you to identify:

● Opportunities to utilize Building Analytics.
● What is Fault Detection & Diagnostics?
● Ways to improve Building & Energy Efficiencies.
It will also show you how to:
● Implement Building Analytics solutions.
● How to read & understand FDD outputs.
● Implement Proactive & Preventive Maintenance.
There are efforts being made to expand the use of building analysis in order to strengthen energy code and increase the value of their utilization.

Presented By

Keith Waters
Manager Industry Standards
Schneider Electric

Mr. Waters is an Industry Standards Manager for Schneider Electric. In this position, he is responsible for leading company activities relative to product standards, installation codes, and enforcement for Circuit Protection and Automation/Control. He is also engaged in applying codes and standards addressing energy efficiency & sustainability. Mr. Waters holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Kentucky and resides in Lexington, KY. Mr. Waters is a Kentucky Licensed Professional Engineer and Certified Energy Manager.

Mr. Waters is an External Advisory Board Member for the University of Kentucky’s Electrical & Computer Engineering Department. He also is a participant on the Power & Energy Institute of Kentucky’s Industry Advisory Council. Mr. Waters has been actively involved with Kentucky’s Energy & Environmental Cabinet work for the National Governors Association’s Policy Academy on Power Sector Modernization.

Mr. Waters is a Senior IEEE Member active in the Industrial Applications Society (IAS), Power & Energy Society (PES), and Standards Association (SA). He is Industrial & Commercial Power System’s Vice-Chairman, Power Protection Committee, and Vice-Chairman, Data Center Subcommittee. Mr. Waters is a Direct Representative on IEEE’s SCC18 Coordinating Committee to NFPA. He is also an active participant in the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) through presentations at their monthly webinar series and national convention. Mr. Waters has also published articles on energy management and electrical controls.

As an employee of Schneider Electric, Mr. Waters has served in various capacities over the past 32 years. He has served as a Product Application Engineer, Proposal Development Engineer, Price Manager, Merchandise Marketing Manager and in multiple application positions including Strategic & Global Account Management. Mr. Waters also has managed several strategic segment teams of engineering professionals.

Mr. Waters has significant experience and background in supporting numerous facility power system designs afforded him an understanding of applying the NEC for the facility power system and manufacturing processes. Mr. Waters has also actively and specifically applied the NEC requirements for manufacturing process systems found in Article 240, 409, 430, 670, 690, 700, 706, and 750, as well as design compliance with NFPA 79 Electrical Safety for Industrial Machinery. He is a NEMA representative to NEC Code Making Panel (CMP) 11.