Lessons Learned from Industrial Energy Auditing


Energize CT supports an industrial energy utilization assessment (EUA) program that is intended to holistically review all energy uses at a site. This would include typical support systems like lighting and HVAC, as well as more process specific systems like compressed air, process heating, painting, machining, and more. Energize CT will often pay for 50% of this comprehensive study, and then will help pay for the industrial clients portion of the cost by an EUA credit that is applied to items in the subsequent report that are then actually performed. This EUA credit is in addition to the typical change incentive supports. Where this has been applied, it has been very successful.

This paper will discuss a consultant’s view of this program and its efficacy, comparing implementation results with other state’s Utility supported programs. This will also discuss the barriers to additional implementation of this sort of support within CT and beyond

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Kevin Vidmar
Vice President, Energy Systems
Loueiro Engineering Associates

About the author:

Kevin Vidmar is the Vice President of Energy Services, for Loureiro Engineering Associates.  Mr. Vidmar has 30+ years of industrial experience, and has worked with over 700 different world-wide manufacturing sites.   Mr. Vidmar has a B.S. degree from Miami University, and a M.S. degree from Vanderbilt University in Environmental and Water Resource Engineering.  He is an AEE fellow, Certified Energy Manager, Certified Energy Auditor,  Certified Carbon Reduction Manager, and is also a Certified Professional in Energy Management System (Industrial).

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Kevin Vidmar, CEM, CEA, CRM, CPEnMS  Industrial

Vice President, Energy Services

Loureiro Engineering Associates

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