The Latest Energy Development in Hong Kong - Affecting Asian Countries


The Hong Kong Government has been promoting Energy Savings in the past decade.  There are a lot of energy saving and carbon reduction promotions in the early 2010.  At that time, energy saved and carbon reduced had awards, incentives and rewards in money terms.  In the last 5 years, Energy Saving was turned into regulations and ordinance.  There were no more awards but if you do not follow the law, you are liable to penalty and executions. The Government establishes Building Energy Codes in the systems of Air-conditioning, Lighting, Electrical and Lift & Escalators.  These codes are to be renewed every 3 years.  All designers and contractors are to refer to these codes from time to time for design and construction.  So, the culture of the energy sense is strong in Hong Kong.  Not only for designer’s team, but also for the building users.  Recently, the idea of “Retro-commissioning” is pushing hard and will likely to bloom very quickly.

Presented By

Leonard Chow, Ph.D.
Managing Director
ISPL Consulting Ltd.

Dr Leonard Chow was the President of AEE Hong Kong Chapter and the Chairman of Hong Kong Association of Energy Engineers (HKAEE).  Leonard was the International Award winner of “The 2011 Energy Engineer of the Year” from AEE USA.  He is also elected the Fellow of AEE in 2013.  Academically, he graduated with First Class Honors at the Imperial College London, U.K.  He practices as a Mechanical and Building Services Engineer for over 35 years.  Subsequently, he obtained his Master MSc and PhD degree.  Dr Chow is currently a Professional Engineer in UK, Hong Kong, USA and Australia.  He establishes his own company ISPL Consulting Ltd 25 years ago.  Being the course manager for 12 years, he brings in over 50 AEE courses to Hong Kong with an income not less than $1.3 million.  He wrote over 30 technical papers, guidelines, manuals and conducted over 30 technical seminars in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Jinan, Singapore and Atlanta of USA in the recent years.