Devloping and Financing Energy Projects Utilizing Alternative Financing Structures


Successfully financing energy projects in the current environment requires careful planning and structuring of the transaction right from the beginning.  Using an alternative contract structure with 3rd party ownership to monetize the energy savings and/or utilities generated from the project in of itself may not provide the desired outcome for the primary project beneficiary if the project does not meet local regulatory, tax or accounting considerations as well.   Energy project developers and financiers must consider numerous complex issues relative to risk allocation, risk mitigation, existing and current changes to the lease accounting rules, local regulatory impediments and changes enacted under 2018 tax reform.

My presentation will highlight the following:

  • Discuss and identify existing and new alternative contract structures for energy projects
  • Discuss financing structures typically used to finance energy projects
  • Provide an overall assessment of the current environment impacting energy project financing
  • Identify critical customer drivers for a successful project (Cost savings, resiliency, environmental considerations, regulatory and accounting considerations)
  • Highlight key considerations that need to be addressed on the front end of project development
  • Discuss contract and financing structures typically used to finance energy projects
  • Discuss project risk allocation, risk mitigation techniques and pricing considerations

Presented By

Mark S. White, CPA
Managing Director
Bostonia Partners LLC

Mark S. White has over 30 years of experience in the energy and energy services industry. He is experienced in business development and sales, energy efficiency, combined heat and power, central utility plants, renewable energy, structured project finance, and accounting issues relative to contract structuring. He has previously served in the capacity of Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for a large privately held energy service company for more than two decades.  He was instrumental in overseeing the sale and merger of his company to a large mid-western utility holding company.   In addition, his prior associations include working for a diversified public utility holding company managing federal and state income, property, sales, and use taxes in a multi-state environment and overseeing and managing financial reporting for both regulated and unregulated entities.   He was also charged with managing strategic M&A activities for unregulated businesses.  He also spent time as CFO for a technology company concerned with the reduction of utility expenses and several years in the public accounting industry. Mr. White holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Bentley University and is a Certified Public Accountant.