The Near Future Impact of Quantum Computing on the Energy Sector


The era of quantum computing has started and quantum computers are now being challenged to demonstrate “The Quantum Supremacy” that has been advocated for more than two decades now. Less than a handful of companies are developing the necessary technology for a fully functional quantum computer capable of addressing real-world problems and not just toy models for research purposes but the success is unprecedented. This presentation is about an introduction to quantum computing in general and quantum annealing in particular as a powerful computational tool to address optimization problems in the energy sector. An illustrative example of the optimization problem of Wind Energy Farms Layout will be presented. The optimization method is using a quantum annealing algorithm executed on the D-Wave machine, a quantum annealing machine with more than 2000 qubits. The results obtained from the quantum machine will be compared to the results obtained from classical computers. Limitations, challenges and the future impact of quantum computing on the energy sector will be debated.

Presented By

Marouane Salhi
Computational Physicist
Qubit Engineering Inc.

Marouane Salhi, CEO; Ph.D. computational physicist with a background in multi-physics simulations and quantum networks. In the last two years, he has been a researcher at Oak Ridge National Laboratory part of the Quantum Information Science group and been exposed to several technical challenges and solutions in the field of quantum computing. He is the founder of Qubit Engineering Inc. a startup company for the development of new hybrid classical-quantum algorithms for applications in the energy sector. He has secured two silicon valley advisors who have combined invested in over 35 companies, 5 of which have successfully exited so far for $500M in return.