City of Brampton - Embedding Energy Planning in the 2040 Vision


The City of Brampton is  In Toronto’s “Golden Horseshoe” region and is expected grow from its current 630,000 population to nearly a million by 2050.  Brampton in the final stages of a two year process create a breakthrough Community Energy and Emissions Reduction Plan addressing both the economic and environmental needs of all home, building, transportation and industrial energy use within the City’s boundaries from now to 2050.  The CEERP targets breakthrough outcomes that not only support Canada’s commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement, but also create extensive economic and social befits that enhance the City’s competitiveness.  The CEERP is being developed in unique partnership between the City and Sheridan, a major local College.  The CEERP was developed by a joint team and has drawn on both the best of local and global energy and climate approaches, including market structures, policy, institutional frameworks as well technical choices and implementation.  The CEERP is a continuation of Brampton’s long-time commitment to being a sustainable, attractive, and competitive community for residents and businesses.

The presentation by Michael Hoy will summarize the sector-by-sector energy strategies the City will be adopting to set it’s greenhouse gas footprint on a pathway to near zero by 2050 while benefiting local economic development.  It will also present the way in which the City aims to systematically embed the CEERP recommendation in all relevant plans at both the City and neighbourhood levels.  The City recognizes the challenge to build sustained long-term commitment to implementation for such a sweeping transformation plan.  The presentation will also address the role of the Community Energy Task Force made up of key stakeholders, to not only guide the development of the CEERP itself, but also to become a factor in ensuring successful implementation.

Presented By

Michael Hoy
Environmental Planner
City of Brampton

Michael Hoy is the Supervisor of Environmental Planning for the City of Brampton (Ontario).  In this role he is responsible for leading the Community Energy & Emissions Reduction Plan, Sustainable Development Guidelines, Environmental Impact Review of New Development, Master Planning for Sustainability, Environmental and Sustainability Policy Development, and Sustainable Planning for Existing Communities.

Michael holds an MS Environmental Engineering from York University in Toronto. He is a member of the Ontario Professional Planners Institute (OPPI) and the Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP).