How to Cut 25% in Energy Consumption in a District Energy System


This presentation will showcase the success story of transforming a district cooling energy system to a high performing one by achieving a 25% reduction in energy consumption and increasing its efficiency by over 20% in only two years yielding to over $3 million in operational savings annually.

The presentation will cover a brief summary of the retrofit projects implemented in the generation plants and customer sites such as:

  • Lighting retrofit
  • Customer Return temperature enhancement
  • Variable frequency drives installation on main pumps
  • Chillers optimization
  • Behavioral awareness campaign

In addition, this presentation will cover the new technologies incorporated in this transformation to enhance the load prediction and automate the equipment dispatch such as:

  • Internet of things (IoT)
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Machine learning

The presentation would also briefly touch on the new trends in district energy such as the integration of thermal storage and heat pumps.

Presented By

Nasreddine Guerfala, MBA, P.Eng., MASc, C.E.M., C.M.V.P.
Director, Energy & Optimization
Enwave Energy Corporation

Nasreddine is an award winning and accomplished leader in the energy management and sustainability fields driven by the goal of reducing energy use and CO2 emissions to fight climate change. He has a strong professional and technical background in Consulting, Engineering and Operation with an emphasis on asset optimization, energy efficiency, sustainability and process improvement projects.

Nasreddine Guerfala is a professional engineer with a wide experience in the energy efficiency and sustainability fields.  He has worked as a project manager for a heating control company and as a senior consultant for an energy efficiency consulting company. Since 2016, Nasreddine has been the optimization and energy director at Enwave Energy Corporation.  Enwave is a fully integrated, sustainable energy services provider operating highly efficient thermal energy plants that distribute steam, hot water and chilled water to more than 150 customer buildings downtown Toronto and several other cities in North America. Since his appointment, Nasreddine helped Enwave realize over 13,000 MWh of electricity savings and over 1.1 million m³ of Gas savings. He was awarded by Toronto hydro as the Energy Manager of the Year 2017. He was also awarded as Young Energy professional of the Year 2018 for Canada region by Association of Energy Engineers.

Nasreddine holds an industrial engineering degree from Tunis School of Engineering, a master’s in Mechanical Engineering from University of Sherbrooke and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Ryerson University. Nasreddine is also a certified energy manager, a certified measurement and verification Professional and an active member of the association of energy engineers.