Initial Coin Offering for Microscale Energy Conservation Project


This paper is a conceptual framework paper of Initial Coin Offering for Microscale Energy Project. Nowadays, the development of advanced green technology has been emerging all the time. The number of energy-saving improvement opportunities has been boosted with these new technologies. With the increasing of the number of energy-saving improvement opportunities, the financing for these energy-saving projects is required accordingly. However, limitations of current financing instruments are still there, some good energy-saving projects haven’t been funded properly. Furthermore, the microscale energy projects are even harder to access funding according to their risks, various processes and certain M&V plans to certify the saving, which costs are too high to start. So, the small-scale energy conservation projects or what we called microscale energy conservation projects (msECP) are remained untouched. This paper is offering the conceptual framework of new innovation of Energy Financing to fill the gap by implementing the financial technology in the energy field through the latest technology of Big Data analytics, Blockchain and AI combining with the M&V principle and real-time monitoring from IoT technology in msECP.

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Sakayong Pattanavekin, Ph.D., C.E.M., C.M.V.P., PDF, LEED GA
Managing Director
Paisarn Empire Co. LTD.

Sakayong Pattanavekin, Thai Energy Engineer, certified Ph.D., CEM, CMVP, PCF, LEED GA

Work at: Paisarn Empire Co.,Ltd., an Energy Consultant and ESCO company in Thailand. as Managing Director.

Experience of being an energy specialist of Ministry of Energy in Thailand, being an energy consultant of leading hospitals and university in Thailand