Enfuse Edge-Computation into Life-Cycle MBCx


Since the 1990s, building commissioning (Cx) has grown rapidly from a concept to a well-established business and industry practice with billions of dollars of revenue; on the other hand, retro-commissioning (RCx) has gone through similar progress as a best-practice for the existing building stocks. To enhance and reinvent the process, monitoring-based Cx (MBCx) has been in the focus to revolutionize the effectiveness and efficiency. This presentation illustrates what the Bee team has been championing and developing upon, to apply informational and performance modeling within the local environment to make the apps more integrated, reliable, applicable, actionable, precise and automatic.

Presented By

Song Deng, M.S., P.E., C.B.C.P., C.M.V.P., R.E.P., C.E.A.
CEO/Technical Advisor

SONG DENG, M.S., P.E., C.B.C.P., C.M.V.P., R.E.P., C.E.A., formerly served as a Principal Investigator and Associate Director at the Energy Systems Lab of Texas A&M University, where he led dozens of researchers, engineers, technicians and graduate students implementing building commissioning, retro-commissioning and energy efficiency programs. Currently, as the CEO and Technical Advisor at Austin, TX-based Bee (Building energy efficiency, BeeUSA.com), he consults and lectures worldwide in the scientific fields of building commissioning, energy efficiency, and intelligence.