Development of a Spiral Permanent Magnet Motor


In this age of climate change, the corporate and government research into new, green sources of power and energy still has not been well-funded nor forthcoming in this country. The Spiral Magnetic Motor (SMM)* is novel and unique since it has been proven to accelerate a rotor through 90% of its cycle with only permanent magnets utilizing the well-known magnetic gradient. With a properly designed magnetic switch, from a number of options, the SMM can potentially provide a clean, inexhaustible source of constant torque for use as a motor or generator. This illustrated slideshow presentation summarizes the research that has been accomplished so far in the development of a highly efficient, energy harvesting SMM. The most exciting reason for the interest in this unusual device is the promise that it holds for boosting electric vehicle production by providing an on-board electric battery charger. The SMM also has many other applications, including a design for rural stand-alone electrical generators.
*Valone, Thomas F., “Permanent Magnet Spiral Motor for Magnetic Gradient Energy Utilization: Axial Magnetic Field”, February 23-26, 2010, Space, Propulsion & Energy Sciences International Forum, SPESIF-2010, American Institute of Physics Conference Proceedings, Volume 1208, Issue 1, p.593-606

Presented By

Thomas Valone, Ph.D., P.E.
Research Director
Integrity Institute

THOMAS F. VALONE, PHD, PE is a physicist and licensed professional engineer with over 30 years professional experience, is a former patent examiner, research engineer, instrumentation designer, CEO, and currently an author, lecturer, and consultant on future energy developments. He was Research Director for Scott Aviation-ATO, Inc., founder of Integrity Research Institute and the inventor of such electrotherapy devices as the EM Pulser, EM PulsePad, OsteoPad, and the high voltage Premier Junior. Dr. Valone also supervised the design and construction of the world’s first narrowband 60 Hz gaussmeter without harmonic distortion and the first dental mercury vapor ionizer-precipitator. He is the author of Zero Point Energy: The Fuel of the Future, Practical Conversion of Zero Point Energy, The Homopolar Handbook, Electrogravitics Systems, Electrogravitics II, Bioelectromagnetic Healing, SELECTED PAPERS FROM THE CONFERENCES ON FUTURE ENERGY 1-10, and over 100 reports and articles. He is a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, National Space Society, and the Union of Concerned Scientists. His works have been published in German, Korean, French, Russian, and English.